Vallum 4 Help

Apps Groups

Apps Groups are apps containers. Each Apps Group contains one or more apps. Apps Groups can contain only signed apps.

Select Libraries -> Apps Groups to display Vallum Apps Groups view.
This view lists all current Vallum Apps Groups. Select an Apps Group to display its content. An app can be member of only one Apps Group.

Each Vallum rule can be set to use an Apps Group as agent. For example you can create a rule that blocks all outbound connections of an Apps Group. All members of the group will be unable to connect to the network. Adding/removing apps to Apps Groups has immediate effect on apps policy.
By default Vallum includes a built-in Apps Group named Trusted System Processes

You can create as many apps groups as you need.
Please note that apps groups cannot be empty. Empty apps groups will be discarded.

You can use Apps Groups to share a set of rules between multiple apps. To do so create an Apps Group that contains your apps, then create rules for this apps group

Apps Groups contain only signed apps so once added to the group, apps will match Apps Group's rules even if those apps are moved or renamed.