Vallum 4 Help

Vallum Privacy

Vallum respects your privacy, it does not leak data on the network and it does not “phone home” to verify the license or to collect usage statistics.
Vallum does not install any obscure component or background job. Vallum does not read/analyze/share your personal data such as your personal identity, your hardware/software configurations, your contacts.
None of your data is accessed by Vallum, never. is subject to its own firewall rules. Should Vallum (or one of its components) attempt a connection to the network, this connection will be passed or blocked according to Vallum rules.

For example Vallum will attempt an https connection to every time it is started, in order to check for updates availability. If you are using an interactive policy then you should see a Vallum notification alert. If you click "Block" then Vallum will block its own connections.
This is a simple https connection to our servers that retrieves a file containing the latest available Vallum build number so to be able to present an alert if an update is available.