Vallum 4 Help

Firewall Log

The only purpose of logging in current Vallum 4 version is debugging Vallum rulesets.
Future Vallum versions may include a more sophisticated log subsystem and analysys tools. This decision will be based on users feedbacks.

Flows that match a "log" rule generate a log entry for each matched flow. Logs are not saved to disk, their persistence is managed by macOS. Use Apple found in /Applications/Utility/ to display Vallum logs.


Apple offers a convenient way to display Vallum logs. To simplify your debug procedures you should follow these steps in order to create a "saved search". This allows you to display Vallum log easily and quickly.

- Open
- locate the search field on the right-top of window
- type "flow" in the search field, hit Enter to create the search token
- click on the "ANY" token next to the "flow" token you just created to display the drop-down menu
- select "Category" from the drop-down menu

Click "Start Streaming" in the middle of window to start displaying Vallum logs.
Now, to create the new "saved search":

- click the "Save" button below the search field
- choose an appropriate name such as "Vallum Log" then click "Save"

The new saved search "Vallum Log" tag will appear in window, next to already existing saved searches.
Now every time you run you can click this "Vallum Log" tag to immediately apply the necessary filters to display Vallum Log in Apple

You can create as many saved searches as you need, simply add more search criteria to the search field and click "Save".
To remove a saved search from keep the COMMAND key pressed while dragging a saved search tag away from the window.


When is running, streaming logs using can be a resource-intensive task.
Use this feature only for debugging purposes.