Vallum 4 Help

Install Vallum

Vallum 4 requires macOS Big Sur 11.2.
Older versions of macOS are not officially supported.

- Drag Vallum app icon from DMG to /Applications directory
- Run Vallum. If this is the first time you run Vallum 4 you will need to authorize it following a two-steps procedure:
1) a macOS alert will be displayed. Dismiss it opening System Preferences. Click “Allow” in Security & Privacy panel next to the warning about blocked software
2) a second macOS alert will be displayed. Dismiss it clicking “Allow”

- Vallum is now installed. Vallum Assistant window will be displayed. Follow the step by step configuration assistant to start the firewall. - An alert will ask you whether to automatically run Vallum at user login. You can also change this option later from Vallum menulet, keeping the Option button pressed.

Upgrade from Vallum 3

Vallum 4 installer will uninstall the old kext-based Vallum 3 files, your old Vallum 3 configuration will be lost. While it is currently possible to convert and import an old Vallum 3 configuration file in Vallum 4, you are discouraged from doing so. You should start from a clean Vallum 4 configuration in order to get used to the new features and take advantage of Vallum 4 power and flexibility. To import a Vallum 3 configuration select Tools -> Profiles -> Convert and Import Vallum 3 configuration. Old Vallum 3 configuration can be found in /etc/vallum.conf

Files installed by Vallum
Vallum 4 is a self-contained app. Everything is included in the application bundle. Vallum System Extension is managed by macOS.